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Proposed contract with Icepharma for „Surgical microscope“ from the manufacturer Zeiss

Landspitali is planning to purchase and install in beginning of November a surgical microscope from Icepharma. The microscope manufacturer is Zeiss.

A surgical microscope has been in use in the department of otolaryngology- head and neck surgery for many years at Landspitali. The surgical microscope that is planned to purchase is Tivato 700 from Zeiss.

In 2016 Landspitali, through Rikiskaup, issued and Tender process for „Operating microscope“, ITT no 20245. Only one vendor sent tenders, Icepharma on behalf of Zeiss. The scope of the tender process was to purchase two microscopes, one jointly for otolaryngology- head and neck surgery, plastic surgery and orthopeadics and the other one for neurosurgery. The reason for buying one microscope jointly for 3 different specialties in surgery, was entirely budget wise. The requirements for neurosurgery were so different from the other specialties, therefore the need for different microscope.

The microscope bought for the three surgical specialties was Zeiss Vario 700. The microscope suits the requirements of plastic surgery and orthopedics and from optical point of view, also otolaryngology- head and neck surgery. However to demonstrate the progress of the surgery and also for clinical teaching, in the operating room, the optical image is recorded by camera and sent to display. The displayed image is also recorded for archival purposes. The quality of this displayed image is regarded as sub-optimal in certain surgical categories within otolaryngology- head and neck surgery.

In order to get more quality image, the old microscope from Neurosurgery, Zeiss OPMI Pentero was used, when not in use by Neurosurgery. The image quality was better but that did not solved the issue. The OPMI Pentero surgical microscope from Zeiss have been used at Landspitali since 2005, first in the department of neurosurgery but from 2017 by the otolaryngology- head and neck surgery. The current microscope is old and unstable with increase of malfunctions.

The new microscope for neurosurgery was Zeiss Kinevo 900. The image quality is very good, both for the optical image and also for the displayed/archived image as the microscope has camera with 4k resolution.

Tivato 700 have many benefits above the current microscope. Tivato 700 have 4K resolution, it is known that 4K increase the image quality meaning that small and detailed anatomical areas will be seen better and give better vision to distinguish between tissues. It have also been showed that with better resolution a better sense of depth is obtained. That is important in all types of surgeries that is performed by the department otolaryngology- head and neck surgery since it is focusing in small and detailed areas. Tivato 700 also have robotics movements that helps in detailed surgeries. The Tivato 700 microscope is also intended for use in cochlear implants, but that type of surgery have increased at Landspitali. Since the Tivato 700 is the only surgical microscope with 4K resolution with CE marking Landspitali has decided to go for negotiation with Icepharma.

Imformation from other manufacturers and/or sellers that can offer similar solutions and deliver it no later than end of December 2019 shall send information to verdfyrirspurnir@landspitali.is before 15th of October 2019.