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Ríkiskaup, Central Public Procurement

About Ríkiskaup (Central Public Procurement)

Ríkiskaup (Central Public Procurement) operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

The role of Ríkiskaup (Central Public Procurement) is to handle procurement on supplies and services in domestic and foreign markets for state institutions and state corporations. Ríkiskaup examines joint needs for supplies and services and endeavours to co-ordinate procurement through framework agreements. Ríkiskaup also provides commercial assistance and instructions concerning individual procurement as needed. Ríkiskaup gives consultation, handles selling and purchasing of state property and collects information about the procurement needs of the state institutions and state corporations.

Ríkiskaup, Borgartúni 26, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Tel: +354 530 1400, Fax: +354 530 1414.

Email: rikiskaup@rikiskaup.is

General manager: Sara Lind Guðbergsdóttir

Uppfært 15. júní 2023