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Hospital Pharmacy and compounding unit for Landspitali Iceland

Building of a new treatment center for the university hospital Landspitali in Reykjavik Iceland is in the planning phase and is scheduled to be up and running in the year 2025. The hospital pharmacy is a department in the new treatment center, but also Intensive Care Unit, Emergency department and hospital beds for adult somatic care.

 In planning for this new hospital pharmacy and medication rooms in the wards, the hospital is looking for automation and technology in dispensing, dosing, compounding, storing and distributing drugs to wards and patients to support closed loop medication and work within GMP standards. We are also looking at modular solutions in the hospital pharmacy, the compounding unit and or medication rooms and solutions for inventory management of drugs.

 In connection with these preparations it has been decided to invite manufacturers and distributors of devices and software solutions to take part in introductory meetings and to submit to Landspitali, information on what solutions they can provide as well as suggestions on issues the purchaser (the hospital) needs to be aware of in the upcoming procurement. Particular attention shall be given to what future trends manufacturers envisage for their equipment in the coming years.

 An application for participation in an introductory meeting shall be submitted by all interested parties no later than end of business day December 6th2019, to the e-mail verdfyrirspurnir@landspitali.is marked: "Hospital Pharmacy for Landspitali in Reykjavik Iceland".

 Each qualifying participant will be issued approximately 2 hours for the introduction and following discussion. The introduction meetings are scheduled to take place in January 2020. Suitable days will be negotiated separately.

 The purpose of these introductory meetings is for the purchaser to acquire information on manufacturers innovations both regarding to clinical use, quality, automation and optimization. Search for solutions and suggestions from the manufacturer regarding new and improved processes that make it possible for them. The possibility of bi-directional data connectivity in the form of a messaging platform and/or the presence of an API is an important part in order to connect to and integrate with other clinical systems in Landspitali