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21447 - DPS - Cloud service, hosting and other related services

Today was the opening in the above invitation to participate in DPS - Cloud service, hosting and other related services
Requests have been submitted from following tenderers:

Name Id number
Origo 5302922079
Well Advised 5202211310
SoftwareONE UK Ltd 06629601
Andes ehf. 5002161740
Advania 5902697199
TRS ehf. 7008952549
Gofore Oyj 17101289
Netvöktun ehf. 4405160920

Results will be announced when evaluation is completed and made public through the tendering system and on Rikiskaup´s website.

Please note than an opening report does not constitute the result of a requests to the DPS and the system is always open for requests.

The presentation of the opening report is subject to possible calculation errors and the fact that tenders have not evaluated. Should it emerge that the opening report is incorrect or inconsistent with submitted tender and instructions on how to fill it in, a corrected opening report will be published as soon as possible.

Ríkiskaup thanks you for your participation.