20710 - Guardrails and posts for bridges for IRCA

15.3.2018 - Questions, answers, additions and changes to the ITT documents are now available here on the website in a document named „V20710_Appendix_VIII_13032018.pdf"

Ríkiskaup on behalf of The Icelandic Roads and Coastal Administration (ICRA -id. 680269-2899) calls for tenders regarding three bridges, Holá ( 16 m), Stigá (16 m), and Midfjardará (92 m), guardrails and posts for bridges (H2, W1 or W2), height approximatly 1,20m (permitted variation plus 0,1 m in height)  over road surface and connection to W-guardrail N2 of type "A" W5 with approved patent connection. Total length of all the bridges is 124 m. The tenders shall be DAP  (excluding VAT), according to Incoterms 2010.  

The purchaser reserves the right to change quantity of the tendered goods of +/- 25% in whole and/or within each lot size, without affecting the quoted unit price

For more technical information please refer to chapter 4 and Tender respone form - ITT documents are available from the tender website.


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