20705 - Helical Corrugated zinc coated Steel Pipes RÆSARÖR (spiralvafin)

Ríkiskaup on behalf of Vegagerðin (Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration [IRCA) requests tenders regarding approx. 4.425 m. of zinc coated Corrugated Steel pipes (ducts) of different dimensions, with adequate coupling system for the pipes, 405 pcs. The tenders shall be DAP  (excluding VAT), according to Incoterms 2010.

For more technical information please refer to tender documents and "Tender sheet" in the tender form available from the website. 


  • Opnunarfundur: 23.3.2018, 11:00
  • Staða: lokið
  • Fyrirspurnarfrestur:14.3.2018
  • Svarfrestur: 17.3.2018
  • Samið við: Atlantic Industries Limited