20694 - LSH tæki fyrir þvottahúsið

The State Trading Centre on behalf of the Purchaser invites tenders for Machinery and Equipment for Washroom Operation in four different Parts for Landspitali Laundry, according to the following:

  1. Part 1:  A Continuous Batch Tunnel Washer and a Press (CBTW +P)
  2. Part 2:  A Barrier Washer Extractor (BWE )
  3. Part 3:  A Dryer with a suction tube for loading (D)
  4. Part 4:  A Conveyor belt and up hanging device for sorting of dirty linen (CB+U)

The equipment, all four Parts are further specified in this Invitation to Tender.


  • Opnunarfundur: 6.3.2018, 11:00
  • Staða: lokið
  • Fyrirspurnarfrestur:25.2.2018
  • Svarfrestur: 28.2.2018
  • Samið við: Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH