20603 - C bogi fyrir LSH og FSA

4.08.2017: Tenderer please note: Opening of tender postponed. See new dates for opening meeting, queries and response deadlines in a file named „20603_Questions and answers_4082017.pdf“

Ríkiskaup on behalf of the Purchaser invites Tenders for  Mobile Digital C-arms with Flat Panel Detector.

This Invitation to Tender is for Mobile C-arms for the clinical service in Landspitali (LSH) and Akureyri Hospital (SAK). The Mobile C-arms SHALL be suitable for and support the medical service and the clinical environment in Landspitali and Akureyri Hospital. The Mobile C-arms are intended to serve as mobile fluoroscopic/radiographic imaging devices in Landspitali and Akureyri Hospitals surgical theatres. The clinical and technical requirements for the Mobile C-arms are that they shall comprise the latest technology in the field of Mobile Digital R/F C-arm imaging with a Flat Panel Detector (FPD), and be safe, ergonomic and flexible in operation, modular in construction while producing excellent image quality with low radiation dose. The schedule is to buy up to six Mobile C-arms during the framework period.

Tender documents will be available on Rikskaup web site www.rikiskaup.is  at 19th of July 2017


  • Opnunarfundur: 7.9.2017, 15:00
  • Staða: lokið
  • Fyrirspurnarfrestur:29.8.2017
  • Svarfrestur: 1.9.2017
  • Samið við: Medor ehf. Einar Farestveit og Co hf.