20495 - Market surveillance and analysis system

04.05.2018 - ATT New appendix has been published along with a new price sheet and other documents required in enquiries. See "20495_Appendix_3_04052018.pdf" here below.

11.04.2018 - ATT. New appendix has been published, see "20495_Appendix_2_11042018.pdf".

10.04.2018 - ATT. New appendix has been published and a new version of "20495 Quality Requirements" here below.

Ríkiskaup, on behalf of The Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland (FME), issues this invitation to tender for market surveillance and analysis system.

Below is a list of the main functionalities required from the surveillance system. The complete set of mandatory requirements and important and desired features are stated in Appendix I and reply document of this invitation to tender.

  • Identifying suspicious trading patterns and trends with automated alerts.
  • Tools for analyzing the order book data, e.g. order book replay and visualization tools.
  • Analytical tools for making quick ad hoc analysis.
  • Reporting capabilities including standardized and ad-hoc reporting.



  • Opnunarfundur: 16.5.2018, 11:00
  • Staða: lokið
  • Fyrirspurnarfrestur:7.5.2018
  • Svarfrestur: 10.5.2018
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