20144 - Passports, cards and personalisation system for Registers Iceland

4.08.2017: Questions and answers no. 181-193 have now been published below in a .pdf file named "20144 Questions and Answers 4082017.pdf".

31.07.2017: Questions and answers no. 170-180 have now been published here on the page in a .pdf file named "20144_Questions_and_answers_31072017.pdf".

24.07.2017: Questions and answers no. 130-169 together with changes no.12-14 have now been publisched here on the page in a .pdf file named "20144_Questions_and_answers_24072017.pdf". Tenderer please note and use the excel file "20144 Tender response form_NEW2" for handing in your tenders.

14.07.2017: Tenderer please note!

Questions and answers no. 7-129 and changes no. 2-11 have now been published below in an appendix named „20144_Questions and answers_14072017.pdf" together with document S9 and a new tender response file.

Opening of tenders/ deadline for submitting tenders has been changed and posponed to 10 August 2017 at 10:00, see change no. 4.

Ríkiskaup, on behalf of the Purchaser Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland), ID. 650376-0649 hereby invites tenders for passport and travel document booklets, travel document raw cards and systems for personalisation of these.  Tenders shall include tendering for all lots A-B-C-D, or Lots A & B only or Lots C & D only.

Tenders are invited for:

Lot A:        Booklets to be personalised as regular passports and five other travel document types.

Lot B:        Raw polycarbonate cards to be personalised as National ID cards.

Lot C:        A system for the personalisation of the booklets in Lot A.

Lot D:        A system for the personalisation of the cards in Lot B.

The personalisation system (Lot C and Lot D) will be bought with payments extending over an 8 year period, while the booklets/raw cards (Lot A & B) will be delivered and paid for in batches over approximately the same period. At the end of the period, the systems will be fully paid for and owned by the purchaser and can be used for an extended period, except for third party software components requiring a licence.


  • Opnunarfundur: 10.8.2017, 10:00
  • Staða: lokið
  • Fyrirspurnarfrestur:1.8.2017
  • Svarfrestur: 4.8.2017