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21386 - Tug boat for IRCA Saudarkrokur

Opnunardagsetning: 30.6.2021 13:00

The following tenders were submitted:

Tenderer Euro
Uzmar Uzmanlar Denizcilik Ticaret ve Sanayi Limited Sirketi 2.450.000

Variant tenders were not permitted.

The opening report does not include the result of the tender. In the opening report, only the
total tender amount is published, but the final selection will be determined by additional
selection criteria according to the tender documents. The presentation of the opening report is
subject to a possible calculation error and the value of the tenders has not been assessed. If it
turns out that the amounts in the opening report are not correct based on the presentation of
the Tender breakdown and instructions on how to complete it, the corrected opening report will
be published as soon as possible.

Tenders are in evaluation process.

Ríkiskaup thanks for the participation.