A Mobile Digital R/F C-Arm With Flat Panel Device


A Mobile Digital R/F C-Arm With Flat Panel Device for Surgery department in Landspitali University Hospital of Iceland (500300-2130) and Sjukrahusid á Akureyri – Akureyri Hospital (580269-2229).

CPV code 33111400-5

Whereas Landspítali University Hospital in Reykjavik Iceland and Akureyri Hospital in Akureyri Iceland intend to purchase up to 6 Mobile Digital R/F C-Arms for the Surgery Departments at Landspitali and Akureyri Hospital. Manufacturers, importers and/or distributors of Mobile Digital R/F C-Arms that meet the described criteria are invited for a market dialogue in accordance with art. 45 of the Icelandic Act on Public Procurement.

The Mobile Digital R/F C-Arms are intended use in general and specialized surgeries at Landspítali University Hospital and Akureyri Hospital for surgical specialties such as Urology, Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Orthopedics, Vascular and General Surgery.

The purchase is intended to be made over the next three years (2018-2020) with the possibility of purchasing one Mobile Digital R/F C-Arms in 2017.

Main technical requirements

  • Flat panel size from approximately 25 X 25 cm
  • Generator with nominal output not less than 12 kW

The process

Ríkiskaup (CPB) will announce and administer the process of purchase.

Companies that produce and deliver such systems are with this announcement invited to inform on the technical specifications and state of the art of the Mobile Digital R/F C-Arms that are of interest for preparing for this project. These companies are urged to have a presentation of the products that fulfills the abovementioned requirements.

Those interested should the latest of 30th of June 2017, send an application for participation in an introductory meeting to the e-mail marked:

A Mobile Digital R/F C-Arm with Flat Panel Device for Surgery department in Landspitali University Hospital of Iceland – application for introduction meeting”.

 Each company accepted will have approximately 1 hour for introduction and discussion.

The introduction meetings are preferred to be scheduled in week 27 and 28 (3rd -14th of July) in 2017. Suitable days in those weeks will be negotiated. Due to short notice, interested partners are urged indicate their interest as soon as possible.

The purpose of these introductory meetings is to have thorough information on the state of the art Mobile Digital R/F C-Arm with Flat Panel Device delivered from the producers.

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